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My name is Gralyn, I was raised in the Okanagan Valley on 80 acres of farmland. After living in the Okanagan for my childhood I moved to the small town of Rimbey, Alberta in my early twenties.

My mother is a professional photographer and has been for many years, thanks to her I found a wonderful passion at a very young age. After photographing the Falkland Stampede at just 13, and my first wedding at 14, I fell in love with the creativity, attention to detail and the memories that photography offered. After many years, some publications and a lot of new equipment, that hasn't changed. My aspirations have just gotten more ambitious. I hold an Animals in Sport accreditation with the Professional Photographers of Canada and look forward to adding many more in the future.

I have acquired a genuine love for all genres, from baby photos right to sporting events. I wanted my images to hold memories and make people smile.

I love what I do and I believe it truly shows in my work. Thank you for visiting my website and showing interest in my passion.

Gralyn J. Boyd

Diving Deeper

I married my best friend of 11 years after just 6 months of dating. Yes it sounds crazy, but it works.

We have two pups by the names of Bear and Roddy. Bear is our little protector who just wants to prove himself and Roddy (gentle pause to truly ponder the wonder that is Roddles)… Roddy is a ball of sunshine and uncoordinated paws.

We don’t keep spare time as it’s fairly impossible. Caleb and I both run our own businesses and help each other as much as we can with developing new ideas and growing to the next level. Each of our families live in different provinces (both extended and immediate). From the BC interior to the East Coast, we do our best to stay in touch in amidst the hectic schedules.

Family is the most important thing to us and yet another reason I encourage everyone to get the photos done. They’re always worth it!

Central Alberta Wedding Photographer

Central Alberta Rodeo Photographer

Random Gralyn Facts

  • I don’t use Prime (fixed) lenses
  • I Majored in English and Minored in Psychology in University
  • My favourite colour is forest green or burgundy
  • My favourite Season is Fall
  • I love butterflies
  • I collect pins and squished pennies from the places I have visited
  • Two movies I could watch over and over again are The Count of Monte Cristo and A Knight’s Tale

Central Alberta Equine Photographer
Central Alberta Rodeo Photographer
Central Alberta Wedding Photographer
Central Alberta Wedding Photographer
Central Alberta Pet Photographer
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